Noon Racing Dyna XL 2 inch 2-1 Stainless Exhaust

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Noon Racing XL Chamber 2-1, 2 INCH Stainless Exhaust (Twin Cam FXD)

This pipe was built to keep up with the ever growing cubic inch sizes that serious builds are moving towards. Harley engine builds are growing in size, the pipes should be too. 1000cc (61 cubic inch) sportsters run 1.75” exhausts yet we see 117 cubic inch (1917cc) and bigger still running 1.75” to 1.875” pipes. That's almost twice the amount of air running through the same size tubing. That’s pretty easy math, they’re too small.

This 2-1 stainless exhaust is equipped with two large expansion chambers (theoretically Heimholtz resonators). The expansion chambers have several impacts on the exhausts performance. The main benefit being a broad power band. These chambers will spread out a peaky power band to a broader range of RPM’s. Dyno tests have shown that these chambered pipes perform up to 10% better than the leading competition 2-1 exhausts. They also help reduce some of the high pitch frequencies in the exhaust note.

A major focus point on our exhausts is the inside of the pipe. These are built with efforts to improve flow as much as possible. Featuring machined flange sets that start the exhaust off right at 1.875”, after the chambers is 2” tubing that mates to a 2-1 collector and exits at 2.5”. All tubes are back purged welds to get zero burn through, and a semi polished INNER SURFACE of the tubing. When you get your exhaust from us, shine a flash light inside, you’ll see!


-Hand Built in the USA

-TIG welded and back purged

-Full 1 7/8” to 2” Primary Headers

-Sanitary Grade 304L Stainless Steel

-Several Build Options Available

-Custom alterations are available at an increased cost. Contact/email for custom applications.

PICTURED is the standard length, polished finish, with rainbow welds. Last three photos are of the brushed finish with rainbow weld.

Available in two different finishes, brushed or polished. The polished version is available with polished or rainbow welds.

Also available are three different mufflers, Glasspack style, Megaphone (rebuildable), and Full Muffler (rebuildable).

Three different lengths are available, short, standard, and long (pictured: standard). Short is 6” shorter than pictured. Long is 6” longer than pictured.

SHOCK CLEARANCE: Maximum shock length that you can run on the standard is 13.5”. For the long pipe, 13 is the maximum length. The short pipe can run any length shock.

Larger 18mm bungs are available for tuning focused builds (requires a reducer). 12mm is the standard size on FXD Harley Davidson.

This pipe will fit most FXD Dyna models from 1994-2017 with Mid Controls and Further Forward Mid Controls. Some larger air cleaners may hit the chamber. All pipes come with transmission mounted brackets using stock hardware. The pipe uses stock Harley Davidson tapered exhaust gaskets and mounting hardware.

Due to the fact that this is a one man company and hand built systems that are made to order, wait times will vary. We try to get these exhausts out within 4-8 weeks. Though with building interest, it may take longer.