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Innovations Sta-Bo

Sta-Bo ED16 Swingarm Bearings

Sta-Bo ED16 Swingarm Bearings

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ED 16 swingarm bearings are our solution to the problematic spherical bearings found on newer models of Harley Davidson® motorcycles.

16x Stronger than O.E. Style Components!

Under normal riding conditions the spherical bearings found on models from 2002 to present last approximately 45,000 miles.

If your bike is close (or over) 45,000 miles we recommend upgrading to the ED 16 along with a STA-BO II.

How To Check If You Need New Bearings

If you have a late model (2002 – Present) and want to check the condition of your bearings, just follow these three simple steps.

  1. Elevate your motorcycle high enough to get the rear wheel off the ground.
  2. From the left hand side of your motorcycle, move the swingarm back and forth.
  3. If the swingarm moves independently of the assembly then new swingarm bearings are highly recommended.

Models: 2002-Present

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