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GP Suspension

GP Suspension, 25mm Cartridge Kit for HD Baggers 2014-2023

GP Suspension, 25mm Cartridge Kit for HD Baggers 2014-2023

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If you are looking for the best of the best front suspension for your Harley bagger then look no further because this is it! GP Suspension has taken their 25mm cartridge kit that has helped national level racers get to the top step of the podium and changed the valving system, spring rate, and optimized travel to turn your bagger into a dream. We know that good suspension starts with a quality hydraulic system capable of absorbing every irregularity of the pavement your riding on. We've spent decades working with riders to perfect this system. Our system differs from our competitors on various points. It features velocity optimized 25mm compression and rebound pistons that are custom shimmed to your weight and riding preferences. The bagger is a big bike, so we found putting an additional base valve in the bottom of the cartridge helps maintain traction when the front is loaded suddenly such as a big bump or a situation where you need to suddenly get on the brakes. Where our competitors two piston systems tend to "pack up" as the oil struggles to quickly push itself through the single compression piston our three piston system gives you a seamless feel through the stroke.


GP Suspension has never outsourced any of their machine work or engineering. Everything in your front end is wholly American made in Ventura, CA, and we are proud of this. The end result? More traction, more comfort, and most importantly a ride that really puts a smile on your face. We take every rider's weight, and their style of riding into account when we build their kit. We know that setup is key to good suspension, and we take pride into giving every rider a kit that is custom made for them. Whether you want a buttery smooth ride to cruise your bumpy home roads, or you want a ride on rails that can take the abuse of a track day. We have you covered.

Our kit is fully adjustable (preload, compression, and rebound). These adjustments can be found on your new fork cap. Some riders prefer to set it and leave it, while some riders like to tinker between setups. Either way, we are a call away for all your setup questions.

Our kit bumps your stroke from 117mm to 122mm. We work hard on the R&D side when it comes to finding the optimal amount of stroke for every bike.

**We also build custom lengths to accommodate those who want more ground clearance, or different geometry. The customer will need to supply the longer chrome tubes in these cases, and we will build it to length. Feel free to shoot us an email with questions. Extra charges may apply. Please allow 2-3 weeks build time! 


***Slight modification of your upper tubes required as the larger diameter piston requires more clearance and removal of the OEM bottoming assembly is required. See installation video below:


Pricing includes a spring set selected by our setup technician based on your riding information. 

****Please allow 2-3 weeks build time as these are custom tailored and built to your specs!

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