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"HI LIFTER" chromoly swingarm kit 2009 -2023

"HI LIFTER" chromoly swingarm kit 2009 -2023

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Hi-Lifter Performance Bagger Swingarm (Harley Touring 09-22)

Reduce unsprung weight, get more ground clearance, improve handling, and maintain perfect wheel alignment in high-torque, high-power applications with the A1 Cycles HI-LIFTER Performance Bagger Swingarm for Harley-Davidson touring models from 2009 to 2022. The HI-LIFTER Performance Bagger Swingarm was designed as an alternative to bulky, overly ridged, expensive aluminum swingarms for performance bagger riders in search of more lean angle and weight savings for better handling. The HI-LIFTER shaves 13 pounds of unsprung weight from your bagger. When paired with a good custom tailored set of shocks, the HI-LIFTER helps your performance bagger achieve better overall traction and control.

The three-position shock absorber mounting block allows you to fine-tune your desired ride height. The HI-LIFTER works with shocks from 12" to 15" in length.  the rear mount is stock, middle is 1/2” rise and front is 1” rise

Using the skinny axle option, the HI-LIFTER Performance Bagger Swingarm has the clearance needed to use a full-length exhaust system. No other performance bagger swingarm on the market offers the same capability.

  •  Handcrafted 4130 chromoly swingarm
  • 48% weight savings vs. OEM swingarm and axle
  • Fits Harley-Davidson touring models from 2009 through 2022
  • 100% bolt-on design·       
  • Designed for use with high-torque, high-power big-bore motors·       
  • Can be used with OEM rear wheel, caliper, spacers, and shock absorbers
  • Allows the use of longer or shorter shocks to achieve the perfect ride height
  • Increased transmission/oil pan clearance vs OEM (15" maximum shock absorber length)
  •  Retains the stock wheelbase·       
  • Includes hollow 4130 chromoly axle for additional weight savings·       
  • Optional skinny axle for additional full-length exhaust clearance·       
  • Billet block, aluminum axle adjusters for easy wheel adjustments and positive alignment·       
  • Includes caliper bracket for use with OEM calipers·       
  • Optional caliper bracket for use with 108mm axial calipers·       
  • PTFE® lined spherical bearings for long life and smooth operation·      
  •   Interior swingarm width measures 10-7/8” at the axle·       
  • Accepts a 200 series rear tire on a 6.75” wide rim with chain conversion·       
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  •  Includes complete installation instructions

NOTE: When used with 14" or 15" shocks, the swingarm sits at a greater downward angle. Depending on the exhaust system used, additional clearance around the muffler may be required to clear the axle. The "SKINNY AXLE" option assists with additional axle clearance on the right side of the motorcycle. A full-length muffler on the left side may require additional indexing to clear the axle nut.

Weight Savings

The OEM Harley-Davidson® touring swingarm weighs 22.78 lb. The OEM Harley-Davidson® axle adds an additional 3.55 lbs, for a total weight of 26.33 lbs.

The A1 Cycles HI-LIFTER Performance Bagger Swingarm, including axle and adjusters, weighs just over 12 lbs, providing a 51% weight reduction. It is the lightest performance bagger swingarm available. 

The Importance of Reducing Unsprung Weight: Unsprung weight is the part of your motorcycle that rises and falls over bumps and irregularities on the road. On the front of your motorcycle, the unsprung weight is the wheel, tire, brake discs, calipers, axle, and lower fork sliders. On the rear of your motorcycle, it is the wheel, tire, sprocket, brake disc, caliper, axle, and swingarm. The sprung weight is everything supported by the springs, including the frame, engine, fairing, bags, and rider.

The importance of unsprung weight is how it influences the suspension’s ability to keep your tires firmly planted on the pavement. When your wheel leaves the road after rolling over a surface irregularity (i.e., “wheel float”) in the middle of a bumpy turn, your bike jumps sideways. This happens because the tire completely loses its grip. In an extreme case, it can cause the bike to slide out from under you completely.

By reducing your motorcycle’s unsprung weight, it takes more speed to “float the tires” over a rough road, and when a tire does momentarily leave the road, it returns to full contact much sooner. This is because it takes less energy for the shock absorbers to push the tire back down to the road so it can regain traction. 

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