Pro-One 49mm Fork Tubes for 2014-2020 Harley Touring - Gold

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49mm Touring Gold Titanium Nitrite Coated Fork Tubes 

Titanium Nitrite Coating or (TNC) is a friction reducing and wear resistant hard ceramic material that is used to coat our fork tubes. 

NOTE FOR AFTERMARKET CARTRIDGE INTERNAL KITSThese fork tubes are a true 14-16 fitment and will need the use of cartridge kits for this year fitment. 

Note: DLC and TIN coatings are Specialty coatings that are not Scratch or Ding resistant. Additional Care and Maintenance is Required.

Available Lengths:

  • Stock FLHT (22-7/8")
  • +2 FLHT (24-7/8") 

Part Numbers:
Stock length: 105125G
+2 length: 105135G