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Innovations Sta-Bo

STA-BO III (Pre-2001 bike w/ 2002+ swing arm conversion)

STA-BO III (Pre-2001 bike w/ 2002+ swing arm conversion)

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STA-BO-lize Your Ride!

STA-BO is a bushing stabilizer solution that greatly reduces the so-called, “Death Wobble” or rear-end wobble of the rear fork (swing arm) of Harley Davidson® FLT, FLHT, FLHR, FLHX, & FXR type frames. The Sta-Bo III kit is for those running an 02 and up swingarm on an 01 and down bike.

Benefits of STA-BO

  • Removes Lateral Movement of Swing Arm
  • Improves Handling
  • Improves Dampening
  • Replaces O.E.M. Style Component
  • Aligns Engine and Transmission in Frame

    An independent testing facility conducted a study of products aimed at reducing rear-wheel wobble.

    The goal was to reduce real-wheel wobble by 10-15% (15% being the maximum amount possible).

    STA-BO yielded a reduction of 10.82%.

    Only one other provider came close  (reduction of 6.18%). They are now out of business. All others were less than 1.71%.

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